Come on, join the SHERPA project ... and you will see how a small gesture can become contagious, perhaps not only in the hut, but also outside! Huts joining the project have an exhibitor where you will find garbage bags (or you can ask the responsible of the hut). You can take one bag and take down to valley and then dispose of the garbage properly.montagne pulite 2019

This summer 2019 you could find the SHERPA project in the following huts:

- Capanna Monte Tamaro, UTOE
- Capanna Adula, UTOE
- Capanna Bovarina, UTOE
- Capanna Monte Bar, CAS Ticino
- Capanna Cornavosa, SEV
- Capanna Scaletta, SAT Lucomagno

If you fill in Sherpa's guestbook, you will participate in a raffle and you could win nice eco-logic prizes! The 1st prize is a bike Merida City/Trekking Crossway 500 worth CHF 1190.-

The winners will be drawn on 25th November 2019.




Edition 2016 - Photocontest:

Voting to choose the three photos to win the photo contest closed at the end of December 2016.

Up for grabs: 

  • 1st price: an overnight stay for two people in one of the huts member of the project
  • 2nd price: a voucher for a meal (lunch or dinner for two people) in one of the huts member of the project
  • 3rd price: a complete set of Ticino’s “Photographic map” 1:20'000, and a voucher for a purchase of a topographic map 1:25'000 (at your choice) 
  • for each partcipant: an original gadget from MontagnePulite 

 Do you have new original idea, please share it on our Facebook page!

Here the photos of the contest and the three winners!

Concorso fotografico

This contest is closed. Thank all of you for your participation.
 1st place
Lo fa una bimba di 1 anno, forza ce la puoi fare anche tu!
img_9151 a concorso montagne pulite_a9e950e8a840b4f043af4f680dada945.jpg
Felina Photography
 2nd place
Acque pulitissime al Campolungo, Ticino, Svizzera
 3rd place
A differenza delle farfalle, i rifiuti non possono liberarsi lleggiadri in aria: PENSACI PRIMA DI SPORCARE !
In montagna meno PET e cartacce, utilizza le borracce!
Be ware.. use a tupperware ;)
Non aggredire la montagna! I rifiuti portali a valle!
nei boschi della val rovana._a7ffec28da8f676e4619840a808f11f8.jpg
Gianni Zanella
Val Rovana
Eric Vimercati
qualcuno ha proseguito la gita a piedi nudi...
In montagna lascia solo segnali indicatori. Non rifiuti. Quelli portali a valle!
I fiori non rendono migliori i rifiuti!
Andrea Jacot-Descombes
Non solo fiori...
terre contadine_919726c264f2150b88f80fe5f8f321f4.jpg
Gianni Zanella
Bosco Gurin