Sherpa Project

Would you like to give your concrete and symbolic contribution to keep our mountains clean? The SHERPA project helps you to do so!

Huts joining the project have an exhibitor where you will find garbage bags (or you can ask the responsible of the hut). You can take one bag and take down to valley and then dispose of the garbage properly.

It's a small gesture, but we believe that great results come from small things! Beyond being a good example, you will help huts not to accumulate too much waste. This will reduce the environmental costs (as an example helicopter flights or similar) and you will also contribute to a beautiful, clean, and healthy environment. Come on, join the SHERPA project ... and you will see how a small gesture can become contagious, perhaps not only in the hut, but also outside!

This summer 2019 you could find the SHERPA project in the following huts:

1. Capanna Monte Tamaro, UTOEmontagne pulite 2019
2. Capanna Adula, UTOE
3. Capanna Bovarina, UTOE
4. Capanna Monte Bar, CAS Ticino
5. Capanna Cornavosa, SEV
6. Capanna Scaletta, SAT Lucomagno
7. Capanna Quarnei, SABB
8. Capanna Basodino, CAS Locarno


If you fill in Sherpa's guestbook, you will participate in a raffle and you could win nice eco-logic prizes! The 1st prize is a bike Merida City(Trekking Crossway 500 worth CHF 1190.-

The winners will be drawn on 25th November 2019.


Edition 2018:

The prize draw was on 26th Novembre 2018 at Lugano. You can watch the video of the extraction here.

Here are the names of the winners and their eco-logical prizes:

1st prize: a bike Merida Crossway Urban 300 worth 999fr.
- Marisa Caballero, Giubiasco

2nd prize: lunch for two persons at the Hut Monte Tamaro.
- Emma, Melissa e Michela Rossi, Medeglia

3rd- 9th prize: a book about the Via Alta della Verzasca "Sotto la linea dell'azzurro. La via alta della Valle Verzasca" with the images of Roberto Buzzini and the comments of Romano Venziani.
- Antonio Piccirilli, Gordola
- Patrick de Stefani, Massagno
- Fernanda Rinaldi, Rivera
- Rosa, Ralf e Hanna
- Marco Barbero
- Ayrton Fidanza, Rivera
- Ania

10th- 14th prize: a UTOE's Bellinzona T-shirt.
- B. Gianini
- Nicole Knecht, Brunnen
- Cristina Bianchi, Ligornetto
- Ermanno Rihs, Bellinzona
- Gianfranco Fozzi, Bellinzona

Congratulations to all the winners!