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This project was born to promote an effective management and sustainable use of mountain huts in Ticino, and in particular the litter management.

More and more people hunt our beautiful mountains and the waste generated increases. For proper disposal, the waste is to be carried down to the valley. Many mountain huts are not accessible by vehicle so the problem becomes even more important and the solutions more expensive.

The responsible management of litter in the mountains is a matter of common sense. We can all contribute.....

... let's produce less waste

Let’s reduce the amount of waste and not leave waste in the nature. You will give a valuable contribution if you bring back home your rubbish. Thank you. For the huts without vehicle access, dispose of waste means having litter transported down to the valley by helicopter. Abandoned waste in nature takes too long to decompose: a simple cigarette butt takes anywhere from 1 to 5 years, a can from 20 to 100 years. Even a banana skin, although biodegradable, takes two months to decompose. The waste, in addition to being ugly, it cause pollution and is a danger for animals.

... let's reduce costs

Managers of the huts with no access by road and cars, have to carry waste by helicopter or sometimes by walking. The huts and thus on users, of course, support the costs. If we all bring our litter down to the valley, we all benefit from it!

... become a pioneer

Everyone can bring a contribution, starting even from small actions. Maybe your simple idea will “infect” other people. Do you have any innovative solution to share? The best teaching is for example: become a pioneer of environmental protection in high altitude!

... dispose responsibly

Managing waste in high mountain is not easy. This means that the manager of the hut has to store the waste for a long time and ensure the transport down to the valley. The manager is already engaged in producing little waste and you can do your part too. Thank you for bringing home your waste and recycle properly.

... avoid unpleasant jam in the toilet

The toilet swallows only our physiological waste (you know what I mean), and toilet paper necessary for cleaning, nothing else …. A clogged toilet is an unpleasant surprise for visitors, and for the unlucky manager. Having access in mountain huts to toilets and running water is a pleasant comfort, but they use resources and have an environmental impact. Let’s try to reduce it. From the huts there is not depart of sewer pipes, but there are septic tanks. These pits or wells losers "lose" the liquid, but retain all the rest. Please limit the amount of water consumed and please be aware that the toilet is not a trash … this makes sense at high altitude! What thrown into the toilet doesn’t decompose, it will probably clog the sump and cause more cost and expenses, as well as pollution. At high altitude the water is often a scarce resource, so please think about when you take a shower or wash you hands …… you will find out that consuming only the minimum of water and soap needed, will make you proud. Of course, because soap and shampoo ends up in the sump and will disperse into the surrounding environment.

... a smart backpack

A light backpack that contains only the essential things is the best solution. If you avoid unnecessary packaging or heavy objects such as glass bottle or large plastic containers, you will avoid weight and a lot of wasted effort! In any case, the filled package in your backpack at the beginning of your trip, will for sure find the place to be taken back home empty. Maybe you can find even a small space to pick up litter left by hikers disrespectful or distracted and that leave traces of their passage!

... performance by real champions

A ride in the mountains, cycling, running, walking is an excellent sport. A benefit by a true champion leaves behind the memory of this exploit! Faced in front of such a sport and in order to achieve the purpose, is necessary to prepare yourself carefully, therefore think also about the impact. The true champion respects the mountains and nature.